Iceberg Alley


Join the authors as they present their stunning images and often humorous reflections of their journey from the glaciers of Greenland to the growlers of Newfoundland. Iceberg Alley is an oceanic zone or pathway in the Northwest Atlantic characterized by the seasonal presence and persistence of southerly drifting arctic icebergs. Iceberg Alley—the book—is a journal that explores the power and subtlety of nature with astonishing images and personal vignettes that glimpse the people and places encountered on the human journey down Iceberg Alley.

Review Quotes

"Packed with gorgeous, full colour photographs . . ."

   - Newfoundland Quarterly

"While viewing the photos one can almost feel the cold air experienced when in the proximity of an iceberg. Not only are the icebergs documented but so are many aspects of the areas that witness icebergs - the people, the architectural structures, the whales - generally capturing the majesty of a place matched only by the grandeur of the ice blue translucent visitors that pass by."

   - The Pilot

"If you are interested in icebergs or prepared to be or if you appreciate fine photography, this is the new year's treat for you."

   - The Guardian

"An amazing book of pictures, featuring amazing stories and images of icebergs and their migration."

   - Current magazine