Kevin Redmond is currently a research associate and sessional lecturer at Memorial University’s School of Human Kinetics and Recreation . Previously, he taught in Newfoundland’s K–12 public school system, including a lengthy tenure at Gonzaga High School. 

Kevin's research interests include: place, the power and prominance of place, the lived experience of place, especially places that have been resettled and/or displaced; outdoor education, physical activity and the heuristic nature of place in our pedagogy and a curriculum as lived.

In his spare time his interests include photography, salmon fishing, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, golf and adventure travel.

Kevin is also available for presentations that highlight Newfoundland and Labradors natural wonders, wildlife, adventures and feature a balance of light and insightful reflection.  

Kevin can be contacted at: 



  • Quality Lesson Plans for Outdoor Education: By: Kevin Redmond, Andrew Foran & Sean Dwyer, Human Kinetics, 2010 (published by academic division of Human Kinetics)
  • Iceberg Alley; By: Kevin Redmond & Stephen Bruneau, Flanker Press, 2010
  • PE 3100/01 Teacher Resource Project Lead and core writer, NL Department of Education 2007
  • Landscapes and Legacies: Parks, Natural Areas and Historic Sites of Newfoundland and Labrador; By: Kevin Redmond; Published by Creative Books, 2004
  • Guide to Sea Kayaking in Newfoundland and Labrador: By: Kevin Redmond & Dan Murphy; Published by Nimbus Publishing, 2003
  • Canadian Recreational Canoeing Instructor Guide and Reference Manual: Lead writer and editor of the first two drafts. Published 1999 by Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association/Paddle Canada
  • Canyons Coves and Coastal Waters: Choice Canoe and Kayak Routes of Newfoundland and Labrador: By: Jim Price, Dan Murphy & Kevin Redmond; Published by Breakwater Publishers, 1996

Sample Book Contributions:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills Resource – FMS: Beyond the Fundamentals – Alternative Activities and Pursuits; published by: Physical & Health Education Canada, 2011
  • Active For Life published by: Thompson Educational Publishing, 2008
  • Canada's Best Canoe Routes published by Boston Mills Press, 2003


As a freelance writer and award winning photographer, he is widely published primarily throughout North America in tourism promotion, adventure gear manufacturer's product promotion and outdoor oriented media such as magazines, calendars and books. 

He has published over 1,000 images, 75 book/magazine covers and approximately 100 articles. His work has appeared in and on the covers of such magazines/calendars as: Sea Kayaker, Canoe & Kayak, Wyman Publishing, KANAWA, Saltscapes, Newfoundland Quaterly, Downhomer, Newfoundland Sportsman, Outdoor Sportsman and Wavelength magazine.

Clients have included: Parks Canada, Coast Guard, NL Tourism, Paddle Canada, Seaward Kayaks, Nova Craft Canoes, Mustang, Seair Sports and Smithsonian Institute to name a few. Kevin can be contacted at:



Sample of recent paddling instruction:

  • 2016 Lead Canoe Instructor, Paddle NL Retreat, Terra Nova National Park
  • 2016 [Instructor Trainer]. Paddle Canada, Advanced Canoe Tripping (current)                             Instructor Tandem and Solo. Red Indian Lake–Exploits River, NL.
  •  [Mentor to apprentice Corey Locke]. Paddle Canada, Canoe Tripping Instructor Trainer
  •  [Mentor to apprentice Dwayne Smith]. Paddle Canada, Canoe Tripping Instructor Trainer
  • 2015 [Instructor]. Paddle Canada, Lake Canoe Advanced Solo. PCSP, NL.
  • 2015 [Instructor Trainer]. Paddle Canada, Lake Canoe Advanced Solo. PCSP, NL
  • 2014 [Instructor Trainer]. Paddle Canada, Waterfront Instructor training, Scouts Canada Leaders. Terra Nova National Park, NL.
  • 2013 [Instructor Trainer]. Paddle Canada, Lake Canoe Instructor Advanced Solo. Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
  • 2012 [Instructor Trainer]. Paddle Canada, Lake Canoe Instructor Advanced Tandem. PCSP, NL.
  • 2012  [Mentor to Corey Locke]. Paddle Canada, Lake Canoe Instructor Trainer Advanced Tandem. PCSP, NL.
  • 2012 [Mentor to Corey Locke]. Paddle Canada, Lake Canoe Instructor Trainer Advanced Solo. PCSP, NL.
  • 2012 [Instructor Trainer]. Paddle Canada, Lake Canoe Instructor  Advanced Tandem. PCSP, NL.
  • 2012 [Instructor Trainer]. Paddle Canada, Canoe Tripping Instructor Tandem and Solo. Humber River, NL.
  • 2012 lead instructor/mentor in certification of advanced solo and tandem canoeing instructor trainer for Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 2011 Atlantic Paddling Symposium; Guest Coach/Instructor (Terra Nova National Park)
  • 2010 Lead Instructor Trainer for Advanced Canoe Tripping Instructor course (Corner Brook and Humber River)
  • 2010 Instructor for Introduction to Moving Water Canoeing (Humber River)
  • 2010 Lead Instructor for Introduction to Tandem Flatwater canoeing (Portugal Cove)
  • 2009 Lead Instructor Trainer Advanced Tandem Lakewater Canoeing Instructor (Antigonish Nova Scotia)
  • 2009 Lead Instructor Trainer Advanced Solo Lakewater Canoeing Instructor (Antigonish Nova Scotia)
  • 2009 Lead Instructor/Mentor in certification of Advanced Solo and Tandem Canoeing Instructor Trainer for Nova Scotia (Antigonish Nova Scotia)